Believe. Be Live. Be Alive

Belief is the basis of creation, success, and sustainability. In short all of existence. In shorter, life. Think about it, everything you see around you began as a belief. Our world is constantly evolving based on new beliefs. If everything begins as a belief why is it then so hard to keep ours in tact?

Most of my life has been lived built around the beliefs of others. Through different mentors, books, and life experiences I learned that we really can shape our own lives. Everything exist because you believe it exists, so begin to be mindful of what you believe. Feed your belief by speaking good over your goals. Confirm to yourself often, that you are the orchestrator of your life, playing the perfect symphony. Life will always remain a balance of problems and solutions. So which do you choose to believe you’ll have more of?

Do you find yourself constantly trying to get ahead? If it’s not one thing it’s another. if your life is full of chaos and turmoil, it is because you believe so. Believe. Be alive. Be life. And use your belief to shape yours. We only get one life, one in which I firmly believe should be maximized. You deserve everything you believe you deserve. Whatever it is that you desire from life, begin to believe you deserve it. Believe that you are worthy of having it all, because you are. Let your belief be life.

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Believe Naively

We’ve evolved as a species
In analyzing stars
Then why are we so bad
At understanding scars
Or how beauty gives
Them significance
If faith dies
Will we ever live again?

The world is filled with an abundance of beauty. Our land, people, and everything we have created throughout history. Much of life is our perspective on it. Much of our life is shaped by our way of thinking. Keep a naive faith that things will always work in your favor, and they will!

Children are naive. So I can understand if at first read there is some resistance. The ego needs to constantly remind us how adult we are, or how we got this. Children are also fearless, and full of adventure. Let’s face it, if a cute kid comes and asks us for something it’s rare we say no. Children get what they want. Because they believe they can.

You can keep the same type of faith and energy. As a matter of fact, you have the ability to channel your faith, and intentionally create what you want in life. Again, this yin and yang of child’s play and adult intelligence, is a fierce combination. I’ve always been told my thinking is too radical, or filled with too much ideology. From my studies some of the greatest inventions and pioneers of our world are ideologists. I said that to say continue to… BELIEVE NAIVELY!

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Clarity over Calamity

Clarity is like being in a dark room full of tools you didn’t know you had, and cutting the lights on. It breeds action. Having a clear mind allows room for effective problem solving. The tricky part is gaining it. How do we do that before having a Britney Spears episode?

Three practices immediately come to mind. Though it must be developed over time, keep faith, patience, and meditate often. Now, you don’t need some crazy brujeria ritual to meditate. Find some gap of time in your day to just breathe, and I mean just that, BREATHE! As you begin to relinquish the stress and noise of the world, you can tune into you. It sounds typical but everything you need truly is either inside of you or on it’s way. Only worry about things you can control, but be proactive in changing those things. We send ourselves into a spiral of self-sabotage, when we have things we know we can change but don’t.

Faith and patience play ping pong with each other. Our faith strengthens when wait and see things actually unfold in their timing. Our patience is strengthened when we have faith things will come. See that little back and forth match. Get the ball bouncing by picking one small thing to just believe for. A WHOLEHEARTED belief. Keep a naive certainty that it will happen, AND IT WILL!

Peace and prosperity to you!
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Rise of The Struggle Babies

We are at a time in history where people want success and happiness, instantly. For a great deal of time the wealthy have run our society, leaving the bottom feeders forgotten. Most people love a good underdog story. The problem is most underdogs don’t have the resources to tell them. Until now.

The social media industry is booming. We now have a platform to showcase your talent and abilities, but more importantly quickly bring them to the world. There are so many people with so much potential getting overlooked. Success is a journey, in which one must take optimal care of the mind. As the average person begins to adopt an overcoming mindset, a flow of conquering will begin. We will no longer have to see so many go hungry and forgotten. Love and abundance will flow.

“Struggle babies” tend to have a different level of hunger. A deep appreciation, cultivated from lack. It’s a beautiful character trait. In my research Gratitude is one of the most powerful supernatural forces. What would accomplishment look like in the hands of the grateful? We tend to give more when we have less. We know the feeling. Continue to help me bring these keys to the overlooked. Help the struggle babies RISE!

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Lauryn Hill Vibes

Badop bop bop

Ba-badop bop bop

You’re just to good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you
Is probably what God would say
Standing in front of you
I thank Lauryn Hill
For speaking life to my queens
Now let me take time
& Talk to the Kings.
Ain’t no problem in making sure
You get home safe
Or praying you swing for the stars
Run and reach home base
Not sure who told us emotional
Wasn’t the way to live
When I’m ‘tryna’ help you
Get food for ya kids
Food for the mind’s
Where it is

Listen, Another detrimental issue I grew up believing is that men shouldn’t be emotional. Though men shouldn’t make decisions based off of emotion, keeping a healthy balance of emotional intake/expression is crucial. Prime example, rapper Drake pioneered the door for emotionally expressive men. His journey shows you can prosper. This world needs to feel you.

Let me a paint a picture of an emotionally intelligent world of men. A bunch of Dr. MLK’s , Abraham Lincoln’s, Malcolm X’s, and Tupac’s. Can you imagine that type of influence, backed by positivity? We’d be unstoppable at elevation. Be fearless as a man, care little about what others think, though keep your intentions pure. Be fearless in showing love, and receiving it. Heal yourself. So we can heal our families. Much prosperity to you!

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Death to Entitlement Mentality

Crabs in a barrel keep crawling little critters
I wonder why you live a life so bitter
Maybe because your brothers
Can’t support their mothers
Nor sisters
But why mister?
Is it because big business invests in Liquor
So every corner you pass
You just have to face a sipper
Then you drown
In Jack Daniels’ river
I hope your sisters keep
Shakin’ ass for the tippers
The moment you learn about unity
And community
Or how your inner genius
Can create the skills that’ll ruin me
I’ll be useless
You’ll all be filled with vitality
By putting death to Entitlement Mentality

As I mentioned, we’d go deeper. I am a product of my environment, becoming it’s merchandise If I let it keep me down. Growing up lower-class gives you a different perspective on life. Molehills constantly become mountains. You’re running 80mph on a treadmill in a Vegas summer. This is how it feels sometimes. And the ones with the silver spoons will never understand , so we think.

You ever go to a friend’s house who has a little more than you. Or how about be hosted by an upper class family? I have, then had to return to my little ‘shack in the hood’. The interesting perspective this gave me, is truly that all people desire the same thing; HAPPINESS. Though we may chase it in different forms, it is always the end goal. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a …. You’ve heard the phrase.

This is the grip that “Entitlement Mentality” can put on us. In any area of your life take full responsibility. For any fuck-ups as well as successes. Do not trust this government or any man to sustain us for that matter. A nation is upheld by it’s people. An empowered people. A people who discover their inner talents and abilities, cultivate the best version of themselves, and give that value to others, will take us in the direction of Utopia. Mind mastery is all about self discovery. Keep becoming your best self, Then be fearless in giving yourself away. This world needs your skills and unique flame. Our world needs us to Master the art of Overcoming, but more importantly to help others do the same!

#MasterTheArtOfOvercoming #MTAO

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Chaotic Harmony

I hope you had your breakfast, coffee, and positive affirmations this morning. Don’t fly past the latter. Look around you for a moment. Really take in the scenery whatever that may be. See how harmonious this world is? See how everything is chaotic, yet flows with muscle memory. That same harmony is inside of you. Despite all the chaos that may have happened in your life, you are still in perfect harmony. That is powerful. The understanding that you are completion.

In mastering the art of overcoming, it’s pertinent you understand you are already whole. Once having adopted this mentality, you will no longer go without because you’ll find all you need within. That sounds real “peachy-teachy” but trust me like a friend. It’s fact. I lived a great deal of my life lost in who I was trying to find myself in drugs, women, and “thrilling but fleeting” moments. Guess what I became? Fleeting! Jumping from different place to person to opportunity that felt like home. If you are familiar with this sort of lifestyle you know you “see things,” and learn allot quickly. The most important lesson has been; understand your soul, to every degree. It is your world.

The take away here is trusting your soul. Not that half-assed ” yeah, I know I’m a good person” trust. Keep that ” The creator of the universe molded me into this perfect harmony” trust in your soul. When problems begin to arise, panic takes over less, with perfect harmony thinking. Perfect harmony thinking is simply, “This too shall pass,” “Things always work out,” or any thoughts promoting harmony. Meditate on this. Share your thoughts below. And ask yourself this question. “What would the world’s symphony sound like, played with my perfect harmony?”

#Mastertheartofovercoming #MTAO

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