The Soul Shop

I wonder if my words hold weight

Or value

How can i stop

Or close up shop

On this necessary intervenience

When souls are at the expense

Of major retail

The only thing in store

For our worth

Seems to be convenience

Or songs

Sung by the heart

That never pre-sell

Or prevail



After over 8 years of rigorous classes at the school of hardknocks & Self Education, it is time to help others shortcut the shortcut. I have dedicated my life to studying some of the world’s greatest psychologists, philosophers, and thought leaders to bring you proven strategies for mental balance and a maximized mind. Ask me how now! (Only if you serious about yo peace ☮️)

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Thoughts On Making Money From Blogging…

We were all made to prosper from our God given Talents! Read Kylie’s Thoughts on earning from your passion!

Kylie's Corner & More

This is going to be such an honest/vulnerable post, I can see it already!

Honestly, Marquise from A Gurus writing, inspired me to write about this topic, which that collaboration post we did together on my blog went up this past Sunday, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, you can read it here!

Anyways, when Marquise and I were coming up with the topics we should write about for our collaborative blog posts, he asked me if I had been able to monetize my site from my writing skills. For those who don’t know, monetize means anyone that owns a website can place ads on it and when people view their site, the blogger may possibly make a little bit of money from those ads. There are many ways on how bloggers can monetize their site and placing ads on it is only one…

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Things God Would Say To Your Inner Worth

For starters, this is a Collaborative post! I met Kylie through reading her work on WordPress. Instantly I was both inspired and uplifted by her word usage. She knows well what people are worth and does a great job of reminding them of that. Thank you Kylie for all your positive work! Check out more of her work at

Jesus, Beauty, Society, Life, Struggles & More!

God is real and moves in mysterious ways. He is ready to move mountains in your life. Read our take on what he might say to your inner worth!

All the love I ever created led to you.

You punish yourself more than I would.

I think you keep forgetting you were made for this.

This isn’t beyond repair.

Beauty begins and ends with you.

I want to feel needed too.

Trust me when you don’t trust yourself…or the world.

This world isn’t stable enough to sustain you.

Everything I create is perfection.

We often forget our source. So I came to remind you. When you don’t trust the world, or yourself, you can trust God. The best part is he has a lot of love for the one who once was lost and may need to be found. May you go within and find him. In a fast paced, loud living world it can get hard to hear God’s voice. I came to remind you he still speaks. When life gets a bit Rocky, find silence and solitude. This will lead you to serenity; God’s peace. I have found him during some of my darkest times. May your world be filled with light!

– 90SGURU_


My Child, I see you.

I see you when you’re worrying about something to the point you’re afraid about what is going to happen.

I know when you’re too hard on yourself and when you feel like giving up.

I have heard your cries and your constant prayers.

I already have everything planned out for your life, but you still continue to worry.

My Child, I love you so much and there is not one flaw in you.

I have created you for a reason and you do have a purpose in this world.

I know how the world can be, but just know that I have no part in what has been happening.

It is easy to get lost in all of it; you need to keep your eyes on Me in order to find peace.

You matter so much to me.

You will go through many obstacles in your life and they are only there to help you become closer to me.

Please keep on fighting for Me.

Come back to Me.

I can imagine God saying those things to each of us in the background while we’re going through situations that life throws at us! I bet He tries to get us to listen to Him, but do we really? God tells us that His love is unconditional and how He’ll never leave us, but we keep on pushing Him away by saying, “No, I don’t deserve Your love and I’m not worthy enough.” Have you ever thought that before? Honestly, there was a time in my life where I tried to push God away and thought that I wasn’t worthy enough to be His Daughter. We are all worthy and He loves us so much! I pray that you rest in God’s peace and know that everything will be ok.


I want to thank Marquise Payne for having me on the A Gurus Writing blog and I have enjoyed collaborating with him on this blog post! It amazes me how talented Marquise is in his writings and I know he is leading you guys closer to Christ by his words. Marquise, keep on doing what you’re doing!

The Origin of The Heartbreak Hotel

Days end
When too many days
Get spent at the Days Inn
I can no longer stomach myself
Or this alcohol
Hangovers with ones
We never intended to stay over
Can often feel
Like the worst layover
When it seems
I left you next to my self-esteem

We all make bad decisions trying to find ourselves. Often in the same places we lose them. Momma always said “you make that bed you gotta lie in it.” Many times we do just that. Get into beds and lie in them. Love is the most powerful drug, and we all sacrifice at some point to get our fix. Giving up who we are is never a fair exchange.

At some point we have to take back ourselves. We must walk back into those dark rooms, put our drawls back on, and nurse us back to health. We all get stuck or do the sticking at some point. Judgement and self-sabotage are enemies of emotional healing. The best kept bodies have skeletons. Forgive and rebuild!

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The Treasures Around (clip)

The Best Gifts Are Found In The People Around. Don’t overlook the seeds of greatness around you. We all come from the same place of greatness. When you aren’t cultivating yours, help grow others. Abundance is beside you. Community is around you. Love is everywhere. Sometimes all we have to do is be aware!

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